Ramzan Advent Calendar!


Ramzan is just around the corner and I feel so under prepared. The gifts are not ready... the menu planning is yet to be completed, dua and greeting cards are yet to be printed......

But I have the Ramzan Advent Calendar ready! yippe. It is nothing great. just a few freehand illustration for on silver sadakah pouches. I know  its too blingy.. but I had these pouches at home and just thought of using these.

I will use these pouches to teach Zayb about Sadakah and Zakaat. I will have her put some money or a little something in the pouches as Sadakah and Zakaat. Also plan on reading out one Islamic story each day to her which I will print and put in the pouches. The illustrations on the pouches help me make the story more interesting.

There are some empty spaces on my calendar. That is because I ran out of pouches. But as I reach week 2 and 3 I will fill them with the pouches of the first two week as the days go by.


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