Pudina Jello

I like my salads...I make many variations....vegetable salads, fruit salads, fruit and vegetable salads, meats salads, sea foods salads....a lot of variations...

Today I am sharing with you how I twisted the humble kachumber (salad that is served with Biryani) with some China Grass.

I made some mint jello with China Grass and; Mint, Chili and Coriander Chutney. Cut the jello in small cubes and added it to the salad with some pomegranate seeds.
I do not have the image with the beaten curd dressing. But here are images of the other ingredients that go into my Kachumber, onions, cucumber, tomato, pomegranate and the mint jello. I left out the chopped coriander and green chilies as it is already included in the mint jello.

This adds a very different texture to the kachumber.. I strongly recommend


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