Kitchen Organizing: Spice Storage

I have been receiving a few requests from friends and family for doing posts on kitchen organizing. So here I am....keeping my word.

I organize and reorganize my kitchen very often. Depending on seasons, depending on menus, diet plans etc.. whats works for me on some months may not work on other months. eg. I drastically reorganize (read disorganize) my freezer during Ramzanr. Also what works for me may not work for you...But sharing ideas doesn't hurt....

Today I will be sharing how I organize my spices. I had a very lovely handicraft jewelry box as a spice box (very similar to the one in the picture below) that served me well. I used the vibrant colors of the ceramic drawers to my advantage. I used the red for chili powder, yellow for turmeric, blue for pepper etc. Unfortunately the wooden shell got damaged during shifting and I had to change my spice storage option.

I wanted to go for a solution that was inexpensive and would last me a while. Unlike my previous spice box. I decided to go retro and get steel instead of plastic because I have noticed that the plastics discolor soon when used for spices.

But using steel has its own problems. Like it is not see through and you cant see what is stored in it unless you open the container. Hence I had to label the containers. 

I made these labels with names and images of the spices just in case someone who cant read has to access the spices. My help is also able to make out what container holds what spice as a result of the images on the labels. 

You can either paste the label directly on the container (in this case you will have to make a few copies and paste a fresh label when you wash the containers) or you can laminate the labels and stick them with blue-tag.



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