Toddler Activity: Learning Colors

Everything is Geen Culun (Green Color) for Zayb. The tree is geen (which is fine) the moon is geen, the sky is geen, mama is geen.

I have tried teaching her colors in the past but obviously it hasn't worked. So I decided to work harder and develop a toddler activity around my teaching mission.

I kneaded some regular dough with food colors to make 4 different colored dough balls. I made small beads of each color and placed them all in one bowl. 

Then I took 4 empty bowls and placed one colored bead in each and encouraged her to do the same. Every time she put the blue bead in the blue bowl I would say 'BLUEEEEEE' and clap my hands to encourage her to carry on with the boring activity.

As you can see we were doing fine until she decided to rebel and place an orange bead in the blue bowl.

Then this happened... 

All I did was pick the orange bead (bead = squished dough by this time) from the blue bowl back in the common bowl. And here is how Zayb reacted. Seriously???? If you are a mum you will know what I mean.

Anyways, things were either geen (green) or booo (blue) for a while. Yes she did learn blue after the exercise. But everything went back to being geen from the next day...

Lesson learned: keep trying...motherhood teaches you really does. 


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