Meal Prep: Ingredient Organizing

Though I have my masalas ready and my onions chopped, I still spend a few minutes in front of the fridge collecting all my ingredients and veggies every morning. I decided enough time wasting has been done, I need to come up with a solution that will eliminate the wait in front of the fridge and the multiple trips to the fridge after I have started cooking because I forgot to take the tomatoes.

I have a weekly menu planner that is hanging on the inside of a cabinet below the stove. My weekly menu is planned and hence I should know exactly what ingredients I need each day of the week. So I spend 15 minutes on a weekday and fill my ingredient/veggie bags for the rest of the week. eg. if my menu for Monday needs Okra, 2 onions, 4 curry leaves, 2 tomatoes etc. I put all of the veggies/ingredients in one veggie bag. This way I have to just make one trip to the refrigerator. I empty my bag in the colander for a wash and I am ready to roll.

I have them color coded the bags as per the colors I used for each day on my menu planner. eg. Orange is for Monday, Red for Tuesday on and so forth



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