Weekly Menu Planner

I need to plan my weekly menu in advance so that I have all ingredients stocked up and prep done. Also by planning and pencilling it down somewhere I make sure that I don't spend that extra 10 minutes in bed thinking about what to cook and where to start from. But pencilling it on paper leaves me exposed to the risk of loosing/misplacing the list mid week. Hence this idea of having a dry erase magnetic board  to make a quick note of the weekly menu. I keep this in the kitchen for easy reference. On the reverse I have made the weekly shopping list. when I am about to run out of supplies/ingredients or think of a recipe for next week for which I need ingredients, I jot it down on this board and I have  a comprehensive shopping list by the end of the week.
I have used permanent sharpie markers to make this menu and shopping list free hand. So this is no peice of art but serves my purpose of ensuring that I and my family have a planned morning each day. I write on it with a black felt pen which can be easily wiped off. The template remains as it has been made using permanent markets.
To make sure it always remains in thekitchen I hang it on the inside of a cabinet door from a hook.


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