Footwear Organizing


This is a very old photograph from when I was living is a rented apartment. We had one shoe cabinet which was shared between hubs and I.
As you can see I kept hubs' shoes in a box just because men's shoes are so much more expensive and more care is warranted. But as the boxes are slightly milky he would struggle with which box houses which pair. So I came across this great idea of pasting pictures of the shoes on the boxes. I came across this idea over the net but I cant give credit at the moment as it was ages ago so I cant pin point exactly where I saw it first. Sincere apologies.
Wrt my shoes, I kept them in color coded veggie bags. Orange pair in orange bag, pink pair in pink, white in white etc. This way even if I caught a peek of the corner of the bag I would know which pair it contained. Also keeping the pairs in a bag means that you will always find both shoes together and wont have to dig for one shoe with the other in your foot. 

This worked for me then as I didn't want to spend on the layout and construct of the shoe cabinet. Not sure if it will now. I will have another system for us in our current home. More on that later. My shoe cabinet is still under construction.



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