Dhobi Gathri to Saree Bags

Most of us have been traditionally using gathris to give clothes to the dhobi for ironing. But I wasn't too happy with a gathri as I always felt that the corners of a gathri remain open sometimes which could lead to the clothes getting dusty. Also the clothes get all crumpled at the corners. I have been using DIY laundry bags which have worked well for me in the past. The kind you get at the hotel for your laundry. But I was looking for a better, more efficient solution. and voila! here it is.

I am using saree bags now. These durable and structured bags can carry a lot if garments, the garments remain well ironed, do not get crumpled at the corners and remain dust free. check the box on all requirements. I have also put a house number tag just in case the dhobi sends his locum.

However point to be noted: this is not such a good solution if there are very few garments as there will be a lot of movement in the bag while being carried back to you due to free space in the bag. This can lead to crumpling. Not a problem we face and we always have a lot to give the dhobi. I am very lazy with ironing and the world knows that.



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