Color Coding in the Kitchen: Part1


I am super excited these days as the time to move in to my new home is approaching. I am spending my evenings doing small projects that I will take to/implement in my home. Today I am sharing with you my inexpensive color coded wooden spoon project.

I was considering a food business a few months ago and read extensively about food hygiene. All catering establishments are recommended to maintain different utensils and tools for food groups to avoid cross contamination that can lead to mild or severe gastric problems.

I use only wooden spoons as I use aluminum/steel pans and hate the sound of metal spoons against them. Wood being a porous material carries more risk of cross contamination. Hence I decided to color code my spoons. Green for Veg, Orange for Poultry, Red for Meat and Blue for Sea Food.

I got these 4 sets of spoons from Fabfurnish for INR 100/- Brilliant right? I know. I think they were on some special sale then.

I used acrylic paints and painted the base freehand. I placed them upside down in these coffee mugs and allowed them to air dry.  I then used some clear nail polish to seal the color. and Voila.

And there they color coded wooden spoons


After I finished my project I decided to see if anyone else had tried this before and I found this beautiful picture on pinterest from Little bit funky. The colors are to die for. But i am equally happy with mine. My colors compliemnt my earthy kitchen decor.

This was a super easy project. do try it!


  1. This is a brilliant idea! Love it!


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