Sinful Quesadillas


Though very sinful and full of calories (not all empty, berries are packed with nutrition), I had to share this yummy Sunday breakfast recipe.

A few weeks ago I made these chocolate-strawberry quesadillas with leftover rotis and they turned out yummy. I dint take a photograph after the quesadillas were ready. Please excuse me. I am still learning blogging etiquettes and efficiencies.

Ingredients: (for one portion)

1.    2 Leftover Roti (or even fresh, doesn’t matter. But they turn out crispier when made with leftover
2.    2-3 Strawberries (sliced)
3.    Dark Chocolate. (I used 85% cocoa)
4.    Pinch of Sugar
5.    1 tspn Butter

The image above gives away the recipe totally, but I have to my job. Lay the slices strawberries evenly on one roti, evenly place chunks of the chocolate and sprinkle a pinch of sugar. (You can even grate the chocolate, but I prefer to be less fussy with my cooking) Place the other roti over this and cook over a grill pan or tava using one tspn of butter till the chocolate has melted and the quesadillas are crispy. Slice and serve with cream.

Please do try it, especially for kids.



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