Infant Eating Out Kit

Eating out with an infant has been very challenging for me...and hence I have avoided eating out for a long time…..

It is impossible to keep Zayb seated at a restaurant. She likes to show off her newly acquired skill of running. She loves to explore the space on her own two feet. I am not sure that the other patrons at the restaurant enjoy it as much as her. But clearly Zayb doesn’t care. She absolutely dislikes being interrupted during these restaurant treks and cannot be put in her high chair without a tough fight. Also getting her to eat her meal without messing her clothes, my clothes, the table, the floor is an impossible task.

To make the experience enjoyable or at least easier for us, Zayb and others at the restaurant, I decided to pack an eating out kit for her, which has worked pretty well. I pack her cutlery, bib, wet wipes, squeezy spoon (that I use to feed her kichdi and other soft foods), sipper, books and toys.


She clearly loves her kit.

Another thing we do that works is that as soon as we order I take her around the restaurant and allow her to play and explore under supervision for a few minutes. This way she has had her fun and is tired before the food comes. Then we put her in the high chair and give her some toys and books. This gives us a few precious minutes to feed her as well as enjoy our meal. Beware! This trick doesn’t always work. Let me know what works for you. Would love to try it.


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