Focus on Self: Organizing Health

Lately I and others around me have noticed that I haven’t been taking care of my health and my appearance. Usually I have seen that women use lack of time as an excuse for letting themselves go. Time has never been an excuse for me. In fact I believe I get a lot done in the time that I have. But none of it is for me. Hence I believe it is not time but focus that is lacking in us women who put themselves second to all.

My resolution for this year is to focus on unwinding, focus on getting in better shape, focus on my appearance, focus on my inner peace, focus on my knowledge, focus on MYSELF.

The kind of person I am and with all the action in my life I need to have a list of things that I need done in front of me and need to go striking things off. I have a long list of to dos everyday that include work and home related tasks. I usually accomplish all or most, but do I have my 8 glasses of water?, do I have a fruit a day?, do I meditate? Not sure. Never thought about it. Unfortunately MYSELF has never featured on my to do list lately. But things are about to change now.

I made this illustration checklist that works as my health organizing tool. The various illustrations work as visual reminders for the following:

1. Prayers
2. 8 glasses of water
3. Walk
4. Yoga
5. Eat Fruits
6. Eat dry fruits
7. Bedtime skin care routine

I pasted these prints on the bottom of my work diary as I have it in front of my eyes for at least 7 hours a day. 

These prints will remind me to take time out and focus on the things I need to do for myself at least a few times a day which is enough to motivate me to get at least a few done. Additionally by striking the things that I have done I will be maintaining a log so that I can go back and refer to the areas I have neglected myself in and shift my focus.

I hope this works for me. So far I believe it will.


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