Failled Attempt at Making Jalebis....But Successful Attempt at Jalebi Look Alike Malpuas

All over blogistan you will see people mostly showcasing successful attempts at diy, cooking fashion etc. Here I am about to publicly declare that i failed at making jalebis last week. And here is how

I made the batter as per the recipe of one of the most celebrated chefs in India (will not name him). 

Filled it in a squeezy bottle and took a shot at making my first batch. 

They turned out pretty crispy and delicious but looked burnt. I had made flavored sugar syrups as I wanted multiple flavoured and colored jalebis. I made


All flavors  turned out yummy.. but Kesar and Kevra were the yummiest...

To make the jalebis pretty I divided the  batter and added color to match my flavors.

Green = Kevra
Yellow = Kesar
Pink = Strawberry
Blue = Vanilla

I wasn't too happy about the way the batter came out of the squeezy bottle and hence for my second batch I made cones from plastic bags.

There may have been something about the color or the fact that i let my batter sit too long before frying the second batch as this time my jalebis were little crispy little squishy....(my sis in law loved them though....thanks Heena for the appreciation)

Anyways this is how my jalebis turned out in the end. They tasted nice but didnt look all that pretty. If i call them flavored malpuas I am sure they will be a hit but they wouldnt score well as jalebis.

I will share the batter recipe when I do get it right next time. You know me I HAVE  to try again......until i get it RIGHT



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