Outfit Inspirations!

I had posted one outfit in August where I wore a mustard jacket with an animal print lining and paired it with an emerald green blouse. 

Though I personally loved the combination and how the outfit looked, my dear hubs  wasn’t too sure about the look. This had been playing on my mind as I wasn’t sure if I had made a fashion faux pas and broadcasted it as well.

But the google gods came to my rescue and I miraculously stumbled upon an outfit inspiration in the same combination. That gave me the idea to look up mustard and emerald outfits and now I am at peace and feel more confident about my outfit selections.




My friend Ritcha from Ri(t)ch Styles was right about one thing, ‘ don’t go by what people say about your outfits (especially husbands), go by how you feel about yourself’. Though I always like to make sure that Sameer likes my outfits but now I have accepted the fact that there may be days when I am the only person who likes what I have on and that should be fine.  

Don't be afraid to experiment



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