Going from FAT to FIT: Attempt 1

I finally decided that I will do something about the ton of weight that I have piled on during and post pregnancy.

My super pehelwaan sister introduced me to Tabata last month. I have been watching the routines on youtube very religiously. If only one could lose weight the Jetsons' way by simply watching the exercises I would have been size zero by now.

Anyways, I must say that Tabata really impresses and inspires me. With no time to go to the gym and a 1 year old to take care of....after I get home from a hard days of work.. Tabata is the only thing that MAY work for me...

Tabata is a circuit training routine which essentially is 4 minutes of pain that translates in maximum gain. It is basically 20 seconds of  high intensity workout followed by 10 seconds  or rest. This is repeated 8 or more times. You can get more technical information on Tabata from the web.

I believe this will work for me and I have promised myself that I will give this routine an honest try.

I am publicly announcing it to ensure that I put in my best effort given the fact that the reputation of my commitment is at stake.

So here is what my routine worksheet looks like. I have made myself one so that I don't waste anytime thinking about what to do next. A worksheet will ensure that I do not miss, skip or procrastinate.

Keep watching to see some cool before and after


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