DIY: Petty Cash Binder

Remember my post on petty cash management? I had promised I’d showcase my binder in one of the posts. And here it is.

I used a plain jane mini planner earlier for my petty cash expense worksheets. It was a funny dirty tan color (it still is). And it never made me too happy to look at it. But fun binders were very expensive and I didn’t feel like spending 2K on a cool binder….just yet…

So here is how this binder was born…..I started too doodle on my binder with a felt pen whilst on a call and the designs looked pretty cool. All my colleagues said so too. That was enough encouragement for me to buy a few nail polish pens and fill in some color. And this is what the end result looks like.



  1. Cute binder! I'm hosting a giveaway for two great pillow covers that you should enter!


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