Color Coded Cleaning System: Mop

I am sure most of us have faced a problem with family member, guests who are not familiar with your kitchen/home; and even domestic help using the wrong mop to clean.

  • My husband would you the platform mop to wipe the floor if he spilled something in the kitchen.
  • I came home one day to see my help using the bathroom mop to wipe the living room floor (to my absolute horror)
  • At a dinner party my guests once used my platform/counter mop to pick a hot pot

Since then I decided to use a color coded mop index so that at least, family, help and regular visitors can be visually tutored to use the correct mop (at least on most occasions)

So here is how I do it. I bought some napkins in different colors and assigned each color to one cleaning chore.

I chose colors as per the cleaning requirements. eg. for the floor, dusting and bathroom I chose dark colors so that they do not look too dirty too soon (of course we wash them every day, but dark colors just mean less staining) I assigned green for vegetable as it is easier to co relate and yellow for the platform as turmeric and spice stains will be less visible etc. And pink is for baby mess as it is easier to co relate pink with my little munchkin.

And then I made a illustrious index for help who may not know how to read.

I will put this up in my kitchen as soon as it is ready. We are currently doing some civil work. I will do another post on how I wash, dry and store my mops; and also how I display my index.



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