We all turned 1!!!!!!

It was a lovely day well spent with close family and kids from the orphanage.

We started our day with sharing our joy with the kids from the orphanage. We had them over for lunch and gave them a little something to share our joy.

And evening = penguins + ladybugs + birds+ ice cubes+ tri color+ shapes+ nail art+ balloons+ happiness+exhaustion+ZZZZZZZZ

 Olive and Cheese Penguins

Lady Bug Cracker with Yellow Pepper Spread

Bird Shaped Tortilla Chips with Guacamole and Red Pepper and Cheese Dip

Fruit, Lime and Mint Ice Cube Virgin Mojito and tri colored sandwiches

All Shapes Melon Salad

 Happy Baby
 Tired Baby

Self Portrait Cake

Happy Birthday Nail Art

 Cake Cutting

 Finger Burning

Sleepy Ending!!!!!


  1. What a lovely birthday party !! Happy birthday to All of you.- Manisha, Aditya & Ayan wishing you a very Happy 1st birthday Zayb & Mummy-Papa too.


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