Organizing the Desk: Part 2

So I had promised I will do a post on my office reorganization. And here it is.
This is what it looked like before I took up the project. Yikesss...(this was not staged). 
 An then taddaaaahhhhhh!.. I always love a before and after. Just one look at it and it makes all the effort worthwhile.
This is what the right side of my desk looks like.....
I have this colorful mouse pad  and a melting clock sitting on my desk, both of which I totally love
and this is the left side...... 
I use the basket to put away all my paper work at the end of the day. And the horse bookend cum pen stand , medicine box are DIYs. More on that below
This is the wall behind my screens. I had done a post on the card holder frame here. I also put this ceramic door knob on the wall to hold my rubber bands and most importantly my ear phones that would get entangled very often.

More on what goes on inside the basket....

DIY: My fav part

So we had this old tray in the office. I loved the tray as it was but it was begining to look very tired. So I gave it a coat of white paint and Voila!

Here I used Zayb's old horse toy that she totally disliked. She would toss and throw the poor  fellow. So I put him to some good use. I glued it to a wood block and painted it plum. And I use it as a book end and/or a pen stand. I have placed a crystal glass on it which holds my pens.

I needed a medicine box which could hold all my gazillion meds in one place. I used a blackberry carton and covered it with some pretty paper. It makes the sight of the medicine box bearable.

Happy organizing.


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