Organizing the Office Desk: Part 1

I spend 1/3 of my life at my desk and it better be organized if I have to perform well. I cant work in clustered spaces. Also I need the desk to look pretty and cheerful or else I tend to feel a little bored and tired. So every once in a while I shift things around, change the placement and add a DIY project to cheer the space up a little.

This time I made a card, pin and post it sleeve using an old frame and some fabric that was just lying around the office.I plan to hang this on the wall behind my screen.

Cost: ZERO

Instruction: Cover the back of the frame with the fabric. Cut some more fabric such that it is 2 inches shorter than the one used to cover the back. Fold it a little at the top end. Place it 2 inches lower than the top and fold the sides around the frame. Do the same for the next layer. This time cut the fabric four inches shorter than the one used to cover the frame. And Voila!

I think i little color would brighten this up. But for now an image of my little one is doing the job.



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