From 'Taklu' to 'Crowning Glory'

Ok, Ok! So Zayb is not that much of a crowning glory but she is definitely not that much of a taklu either anymore.
When Zayb was born her hairline looked pretty OK, she wasn’t born with lustrous lock but it wasn’t something to complain about either. But when we shaved off her head for the first time her ‘Anupam Kher’ hairline was revealed. (I have to make sure to delete this post before Zayb learns to read, please do remind me in a year)

She had patchy growth and very fine hair. But ever since I started to use this oil that I made for her at home every evening, after her evening shower on wet hair, her growth has improved drastically. This is what her REAL hair look like now.

I really recommend this to all. Here is how I made it.

1 cup Olive Oil
1 cup Castor Oil
1 cup Coconut Oil
1 cup Rice Bran Oil
Handful of curry leaves
1 tblspn methi seed

Boil all the ingredients together in a heavy bottom pan. Strain and store in a bottle. Was your hair as usual the next day.



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