Masala Mania

Those of you who know me will know that I love cleaning and organizing. (Even if I didn’t, I’d have to do it anyway with the amount of mess we make, so I better love it n order to remain sane). 

When I don’t have enough of my own projects to reorganize I offer my services to friends and family. This time I got a chance to reorganize my mum’s masala section in her refrigerator.

My mum has a variety of masalas and multiples of each type.  She is always hosting parties and entertaining family and friends. She is am amazing cook. She makes the most amazing biryani, mutton curry, mutton pulav, dabba gosht…..I can go on and on and on.  So the point is…..she needs the hundred masala cartons she has.

Coming back to the organizing. As you can see there were quite a few cartons (this is 1/2 of what she had), some opened and half used and some were untouched. So I decided to fill them in plastic containers and label each container so that she can easily find the right masala for her amazing, yummylicous recipes.   For the labels I cut out the names of the masala from the cartons and stuck them on the lids with clear tape. You could print your own labels if you are feeling more creative.

I stacked the plastic containers in one large plastic box so that the little containers don’t loiter around the refrigerator and can be found in one place when needed. All the containers are different shapes and sizes. It would have been much better to have same sized containers. But as this was an impromptu organizing project we used containers we already had.

I wish I had also noted down the expiry date of each masala. I would have written down the expiry dates from each carton on a sheet and kept it in the kitchen for reference. But I didn’t. It occurred to me after I had thrown the cartons. Given that one uses these masalas over time one should always note down the expiry. I will definitely do so when I organize masalas next.



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