Little Missy's Diet Tracker

Zayb's Balanced Diet Tracker

So I maintain a life planner, or rather the life planner maintains me. No! I am not Mad! But my life is and I need a planner to keep it on track and keep myself sane. Ill do a full story on my planner which includes, budget, petty cash, weekly plan, daily plan, important dates, meal planning, grocery shopping, exercise tracker and a lot more.But for now I'd like to share just one section of it, which is ZaybAiyra's diet tracker.

I am a working mother and am not around my little one at every meal time. All her caregivers including family members and help are excellent and look after her very well. Her meals are prepared under the watchful eyes of my mother in law and sometimes my mother so nothing to worry about really. But I like to keep a track of her diet just to ensure that we are giving her a balanced diet.  There are some days that she doesn't take her daily veggies or fruits. So the tracker helps me understand which component wasn't consumed enough so that we can modify her diet for the next day to include more of the components that weren't consumed the previous day  the previous day. But let me tell you that this doesn't work all the time. It totally depends on what little missy wants to eat. But I keep trying.

I write down the meal codes BF- Breakfast, L-Lunch, S-Snack and D-Dinner to indicate at which meal she has eaten which meal component. Eg. If I gave her oats for BF I would write BF under Grains, or if she has eaten fruit yogurt then I would write S under Dairy and Fruits

PS: I was calling it the Meal Plan earlier. But changed the title to Diet Tracker as I have another section which is really the meal planner. More on that later.



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