Cash Pouch Tutorial

I received quite a few messages and calls asking me about the cash pouch in yesterdays post.A few of my friends asked me to buy the same pouch for them. So I just wanted to clarify that is is just a simple silicon envelop pouch. The inserts were made by me. Its a good thing I got a few pictures while making the inserts.

I used old file dividers to make smaller ones for the pouch. I drew the outline of the pouch on the larger dividers and cut them a few millimeters smaller so that they fit in nicely in the pouch. I divided the total length of the dividers into more or less equal parts with 2 smaller ones that will not be used very often. Then I cut the extra plastic from the top to create the divider tongues. I placed them one after the other in the color order that looked the best to me and slipped them into the pouch. Voila!

Give = Charity
Pay = Salary
Eat = Grocery
Shop = Shopping (yay!!!)
Fuel = Fuel and Travel
Babe = Baby Essentials
Eat = Entertainment (this was an error. I was meant to write Fun here) but I wasn't ready to waste more plastic for my error. When I find a way to erase permanent marker, Ill change it.)
:) = any savings at the end of the month (RARE)
! = Emergency

 This divider system can work in any fabric pouch or a large wallet. Send me pictures of your cash pouch if and when you DIY one.



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