Budget Binder: Binding the Budget!

I told you about my life planner here. I will be revealing how I keep the chaos, that my life is, under control, a page at a time.

Today I will show you how I plan and keep track of my monthly budget

This is what my budget sheet looks like. I have 2 sheets like this for the 12 months that I print and file in my planner.

I fill in what I spend on a daily basis on the calendar tab in the planner (which is a regular daily calendar that comes with the planner). At the end of the month I total it all and categorize them as seen above. This helps me understand how much I spend on each category every month. If I have been over indulgent in a month I try and curb myself in the following month/weeks.  I have noticed that since I have been following this system I have been able to cut down unnecessary expenses. It is a little tedious to write down each expense but when you do it for a few months and realize how much money it helps save, following the system becomes easier.

Ever since I have been following this system I have been able to predict my average monthly spend and keep an approximate amount in my cash pouch. I also keep a calculator, some post its and a pen to write down petty cash expenses in case I am not carrying my planner with me. I was keeping my money in another pouch earlier. Just made this pouch with dividers and am sure it will work better than the previous one.

Believe me! when you spend in cash you spend less as compared to when you spend using cards.

Happy budgeting!



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