'Jewelry takes peoples eyes off your wrinkles': Jewelry Organizing

I love jewelry. Like Sonja Henei said 'Jewelry takes peoples eyes off your wrinkles'. And going by what she said I am beginning to need more and more jewelry each day. (more on me wrinkling soon).
A few months ago I was struggling with entangled pieces and breaking jewelry. Moreover it was hard to find a piece I needed because everything was such a mess in the drawer. So I decided to organize my 'preciouses' (that's not a word). I wanted to store them in a neat and pretty way but at the same time I wanted to be able to find them easily.
I got myself these lovely (but too blingy) watch organizers from Crawford Market. They were available in blingy colors only. But I got them because I knew they would work well for me as they have adjustable compartments and have a see through cover which will help meet both my criteria. 
The dividers can be removed and hence the compartment size can be changed as per your requirement. So they could work well to organize make up, stationary, batteries, chargers etc.
I started with giving away pieces that I didn't wear anymore. Oh! wasn't that difficult. Very difficult. But I knew I had to do it if I wanted to keep the other pieces happy.
I assigned one box for the earrings, one for the necklaces and bracelets and one for the collar neck pieces. 

Ever since I got these organizers I have had to organize my jewelry less frequently and I always get what I need in a few seconds. My preciuoses are happy and so am I.


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